Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Holly has a make over!!!!!

Being part Tibetan Terrier, Holly's fur grows quite fluffy with a fine undercoat that seams to get matted in her top coat. She is not keen on being brushed or combed, something in her past life has made her jumpy about being brushed, so every 3 months she visits Ann her hairdresser in the next village.
This first photo shows what she was like before her visit to Anne's this morning

This is Holly now, all neat and tidy, newly shampooed with a shampoo from Italy no less!!! It evidently makes her stay whiter longer than normal. Tim calls her "Daz Dog" as she is so white. But given half a chance she will be rolling in Alpaca Poo or anything else that takes her fancy!!!
I'm back to work tomorrow, full time, so normal blogging with resume this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Eee she looks very different! But a cutie non the less! I wonder if I should do that with my fluffy dog...