Wednesday, 8 April 2009

5 lambs born today

The early morning check revealed that Carman had given birth to twins, a tup and a ewe, unaided, within the last hour. Both lambs had been licked clean and were up and about calling for mum. So no problems with this new family.
A little later whilst I was feeding the ewes, Tim noticed that Ariadne was holding back from the rest of the ewes, she wasn't due for a couple of days, but with the very cold, strong biting wind that was blowing, we decided the best place for her was the barn, along with Abbi, Beatrix who are also due over the next couple of days. No sooner had we got them all in the barn and Ariadne in a pen, when we noticed a water bag, a sure sign of the early signs of lambing, so we hung around to make sure she was O.K. After a while it became apparent that she would need some assistance lambing, nothing too serious, the lamb's head was showing, so a quick tug and it was out, a little while later a nose and feet could be seen, so again a bit more of a tug on the lambs feet and it was out. (Slight note to self, when lambing a ewe remember to remove your wool fingerless gloves!!!!!). We watched Ariadne for a little while and thought she was going have another lamb, but she was just expelling the after birth. So we left the new family alone to be checked on an hour or so later. By which time the 2 lambs had become 3, all are ewes and it looks like she will be able to feed them herself.
Ariadne's triplets which we'll keep in the barn for a couple of days to make sure she's coping with them O.K. We know she did last year with her triplets. What a star ewe she is.

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