Thursday, 9 April 2009

Another set of twins!!!!

On this mornings early lamb check, Abbi was in her pen happily licking these two little ewe lambs. I sprayed their navels and gave them a dose of Sustain for Watery mouth before feeding the rest of the sheep. The 2 little lambs are a good size and weight. To date Abbi is the only ewe who has delivered on her predicted date!!!!
Only Brazil (due yesterday), Beatrix (due this coming Saturday), Anya and Cully (due last Monday) to lamb in this first batch of ewes. I just wish Anya and Cully would GET ON WITH IT.
The house is evening is very quiet, two very tired Hobbits went home this afternoon, they've had a busy few days since their arrival on Saturday. 13 lambs have been born, two of which they saw being born, every morning they have helped feed the ewes by wheel barrowing slices of hay bales to each ewe in the lambing pens, helped weigh each of the new born lambs, moved Yellow Neck, Carolyn and Missy with their respective lambs into the new mum's field and played endless games of football with the dogs. They'll be back in the Summer.......

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