Sunday, 19 April 2009

3 sets of twins!!!!!!!

Tim did the early morning check today as I was shattered after a day of hedge maintenance yesterday. He noticed that Cicely had taken her self off up the field on her own, a sure sign of looking for a place to lamb, so he put her in a pen in the lambing barn. After we had fed everyone, Cicely was in the early stage of labour and by 8am she had produced these two little pedigree Shetland ram lambs.

A little later on we noticed that finally Anya was starting to give birth, but we were not happy with how things were progressing, so we called the local farmer Pete for held and advice. We were glad that we did. The first of Anya's twins was the right way round and he delivered her no problems, the second one (the one with the white top knot in the photo) was backwards with her legs bent underneath her, so there is no way she would have come out alive. But she's fine now, if a little bit subdued. This photo shows the girls at a few hours old, still a little bit wet from their birth.

Not to be out done Cassy decided her lambs should make an appearance today, 2 days early. Whilst Pete was lambing Anya, we asked him about Cassy and he thought she would lamb today, so we put her in a pen and waited. 6 o'clock this evening she started to strain after an hour nothing had happened, so we called Pete again to come and have a look. 5 minutes before he arrived her first lamb appeared, all be it I had to give it a final tug, so when Pete arrived her second lamb was well on the way and all he did was just give it a little tug and it was out. This photo of Cassy's two little ewe lambs was taken when they were less than an hour old.

It's been another long day with the ewes, only 9 more to go!!!!!!

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