Monday, 20 April 2009

2 sets of twins and help arrives

When we checked the barn this morning we found that Lilly had given to birth to a set of tup twins. If you look very carefully at the lambs you will see that one is brown as opposed to black. Both lambs are fit and healthy despite being born 2 days early. But Lilly has got mastitis in one teat, so I will have to milk her out in the morning. Scooby milked her out this evening and gave her a shot of antibiotics.

Mid morning the Resident Vandal arrived to help, or is it hinder, with the rest of lambing. Not long after he arrived this morning, Amber gave birth to a set of twins, a tup and ewe lamb, and again if you look at these two lambs, one is a dark brown colour, at long last a change from our usual black and white sheep.

As today has been fine and sunny, most of the new mums from this weekend have been out in the paddock at the side of the barn. The young lambs have enjoyed the sun and their mums have been eating the grass with relish.

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