Thursday, 16 April 2009

Cully deliver's at last

Early this evening Cully had twins, a tup and a ewe lamb. Both were up and about very quickly despite me having to pull both lambs out. Cully seemed to give up pushing once the legs and nose appeared.
Anyway there here and looking very healthy. Now we just want Anya (who is looking as if she is going to pop any minute) and Beatrix to get on and lamb.
We also brought Allium into the barn today, she was taking herself away from the rest of the flock and settling down in the field shelter, a sure sign she can't be far away from lambing, though she's not due until next Wednesday. We've given her a dose of glucose, just to be sure, as she's looking a little bit off colour. We'll give her another dose in the morning and that hopefully with make her feel better.


Poppy said...

They look like nice big healthly lambs. I love the white tops of their heads, is that breeding?

Denise said...

I think the white top knot is something to do with the Shetland Breeding in my ewes, it's known as a "Krunet".We get it every year. Often the white head fades aways when the lambs get a little older, makeing it even harder to work out who belongs to who.