Sunday, 26 April 2009

We have finished lambing!!!!!

This morning when we went to check on the remaining ewe yet to lamb, we were greeted with the Layla and her twin ewe lambs.
As she was the final ewe to lamb, right on time, so that's it, we've finished lambing for another year.
We've had 36 lambs (20 ewe lambs, 16 tup lambs) from 19 ewes, a lambing % of 190%, the best we've had. All lambs are looking well and growing strong in this fine weather we are having.
We weighed all the lambs within 24 hours of being born to see how much weight they gain over the coming months. The next time we will weigh them all again is in 4 weeks time when all the sheep will be vaccinated against Blue Tongue, it will be interesting to see how much they have all put on especially the Jacob X lambs.


Chantelle said...

Well done - you deserve a celebration tonight

Caroline M said...

You can have a lie in in the morning then

(yes, that was a joke)

elizabethm said...

Gorgeous lambs!