Monday, 13 April 2009

A busy Easter in the veg garden

As we've got 3 ewes that are overdue to lamb, we've been staying quite close to home and with the weather being so nice, well fine at least, I've had no excuse but to get on with the veg garden. Tim has put together the wood boarders to the veg plot near the shed, creating a bed 12' x 18', which I've so far planted 1 row of Broad Bean plants, shallot bulbs and red onion sets, sown 2 rows of parsnips and a row of beetroot. The greenhouse has seed trays containing sweetcorn, french beans, tomatoes, sprouts, red cabbage, leeks and bulb fennel all of which I got sown when the Hobbits were here last week. 3 more veg beds (6' x 15') have been marked out ready to be dug over before the end of the month, in the new veg area. The one veg bed that Tim got ready before his accident, now contains 3 varieties of potato (Kestrel, Pink Fir Apple & Bambino) covered with a good layer of home made compost, I think I barrowed over 30 loads of compost to get the potatoes covered on Good Friday. It should make them grow.
I will post photos of the veg plot, today has been fine but with a sea fret, so it's been very foggy, not ideal photo weather.
I'm now off to soak in a hot bath, that is if I can move without disturbing 2 very tired dogs!!!!!!

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ladyb1 said...

Sounds like you will be very busy over the summer with your vegetables. The lambs are so cute.