Monday, 4 May 2009

New photos of the lambs

Since some of the lambs are getting on for a month old I thought I'd post a couple of photos taken today.
As you can see, one or two of the lambs are starting to turn brown from their original back colour
And some are beginning to look very big. The Jacob tup in with the Corridale ewes is looking like a good cross

But now look how big Frea and Finn are, one of our friends has christened them "The Cray Twins".


ladyb1 said...

What lovely markings the Cray Twins have.

Freyalyn said...

Or even Kray!

I think those Corriedale/Jacob fleeces might be interesting. I'll look forward to finding out.

Jenny Holden said...

Looks like you got some super spotty lambs in the end!