Sunday, 5 April 2009

Update on Tim's hand and a bit of a disaster

Tim saw the consultant on Thursday and everything is going really well, to the point that he has been told that he can start working again, all be it light duties, but it's a step in the right direction. Tim is telling everyone that he's had some bad news from the consultant!!! Needless to say everyone is concerned at first and then laughs when he tells them why! He's not back to see the consultant for another 3 months, but this is backed up with weekly visit to the hand therapist.
The bit of disaster this week, is that the bread maker is broken, well the pan has fallen apart and with the arrival of the Hobbits, I need one to keep up with the bread we will go through. Tim managed to find a new pan on EBay, but it's out of stock, so we've bought an identical bread maker to the one we have now, with the idea that when the spare pan arrives, we'll always have a back up, or I can run both of them when we have a house full of people. Needless to say the bread maker today has make 2 batches of bread buns and 1 loaf. Those Hobbits sure know how to eat.......

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