Monday, 6 April 2009

Carolyn & Missy follow Yellow Neck!!!!

Doing my early morning check of the ewes in the barn and out in the paddock I noticed Carolyn away up the field by the fence walking round and round a small black bump on the ground, as it was not yet quite light, I wasn't sure if it was a lamb. A closer look revealed it was and this was quickly followed by a second lamb. I now had the job of carrying two wet lambs to the barn walking backwards so that mum could see them.

As you can see from the picture they are again black with white on their heads.

Both boys by the way and pure pedigree Shetlands. The first this year.

Missy on the other hand decided to wait until this afternoon to deliver her lambs, whilst she had an audience. A chap Tim shared a ward with in hospital brought his 6 year old daughter to see the lambs. 5 minutes before they arrived I noticed Ghilli & Grommet staring intently over towards the ewe's paddock, this could only mean one thing!!! New born lambs and sure enough Missy had given birth to a lamb. Again I had the job of carrying this wriggling, wet lamb, backwards towards the barn, Missy following and nearly stood on me when I tripped over the mineral bucket hear the gate. We all thought that Missy was only going to have single lamb, but once in the pen she very quickly produced a second one.

Again note the colour - Black
Missy has had a tup and a ewe lamb. We will keep her in a little longer than normal, just to make sure she is O.K especially after the scare we had with her last month.
So far our lambing % is 200%, with 4 ram lambs and 2 ewe lambs.
As both Carolyn and Missy were 2 days early giving birth, we've had to build 2 more pens in the barn. We've put Brazil into a pen as well now as she is due any day soon. I just hope Cully and Anya (who were due today) don't hang onto their lambs for much longer, we're running out of lambing pens!!!!!

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