Monday, 27 April 2009

Round up on other stuff we've been doing

As promised a photo of the veg area near the shed with it's wood edging that Tim has been able to put together. You can't really see much but at the far end is a row of Broad Beans, behind the square of summer onions is a row of garlic. The rest are rows of beetroot, parsnips, onions and shallots. The canes mark the rows for me so I know where they are and can how the weed that grow in between the rows. There is one design flaw, the bed is too wide, so once all the produce is out of the middle of the bed, Tim will put a path down the middle, so that I can reach both beds without standing on the soil.

The next two pictures are of the seed growing in my two greenhouses.

In this greenhouse are trays of broccoli, cabbages and leeks. All grown in the Root Trainer system, so hopefully they will not need to be disturbed until ready to be planted out in the main veg plot.

The second greenhouse has red cabbage, sweetcorn, tomatoes and butternut squash seedlings along the back with dwarf french beans, bulb fennel and sprouts seedling in the second row of root trainers, and 4 different heritage varieties of tomatoes in the very front set of root trainers. The tomatoes are a bit hit and miss at the moment, I think this is down to the fluctuating temperatures we're having a the moment. One day hot the next cold.

The Resident Vandal was here last week to help with lambing, but as the lambing was quite slow, he and Tim managed to get part of a side of the large barn, between the two telegraph poles repaired. It was always wet in this particular corner of the barn and outside the corrugated sheeting was hardly held on and every time there was a high wind we kept expecting it to get blown away. But the lads have repaired it using existing corrugated sheeting we had recycled from another barn we took down some time ago, and we bought a couple of sheet of clear corrugated plastic to give more light into this area barn. It's a job well done. We now have an area of the barn we can safely use and less water is getting in. Slowly but surely we'll get this big barn more and more water tight!!!
And finally, it must be summer, it's raining today, not that I'm complaining as the veg garden could do with it, and the swallows arrived last weekend to take up residence in the roof of the big barn.

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ladyb1 said...

How lovely too see all the vegetables coming up. My french beans look to be a the same stage as yours, but I planted mine indivdually in old toilet roll middles - saw it on a gardening program.