Friday, 17 April 2009

Allium's twins arrive 5 days early

After I had posted last night pictures of Cully and her lambs, I went to do a final lamb check before going to bed.
Allium had just given birth to a lamb and so we spent the next hour or so with her whilst she gave birth to a second lamb, still very much in it's birthing bag, which I had to tear open so that the lamb didn't drown in it's own fluid. I then had to vigorously rub it's chest, for what seemed like and age to get it to breath, but suddenly it coughed and bleated, so I knew it would be fine. Allium did a great job of cleaning up her two new born lambs.
We got very little sleep last night as we both wanted to keep an eye on these two new arrivals. You can tell they are premature as they are still very wobbly on their feet and have no teeth to speak of. Tim kept checking them every hour today whilst I was at work and they have slept a lot and had quite a bit to drink. Tonight they are up and about, mum is looking heaps better. almost back to her stroppy self, but this little family will not be going out into the fields for a few days until they are a lot better on their feet.

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Poppy said...

Hope they are ok, boys or girls?

Thank you also for the birthday wishes.