Monday 5 April 2010

Lambing begins...

At around 5.30 this evening Heidi finally delivered her lambs, after much pulling by Tim and myself to deliver the first lamb, the second lamb came out no problem. Two little healthy Tup lambs.
But it looks like Heidi has very little milk and we have had to give her second lamb a bottle of colostrum just to make absolutely sure that he has a full tummy. We're going to go out with a bottle of milk a little later tonight just to make absolutely sure that both lambs have full tummies to last the night.
We think the reason why Heidi has very little milk is that for the last couple of days she's not been eating all that much and since she has had her lambs, she's drunk a lot of water and is tucking into the hay with gusto. Hopefully this will bring on her milk. We'll keep her and her lambs in the pen for a day or so just to make absolutely sure.
Next lambs are due Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday to ewes that have lambed before and who have "bagged up" really well.

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Anya said...

Looks so lovely :)))

greetings from The Netherlands
Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)