Tuesday 13 April 2010

First of the Scottish Blackfaced lambs

On Sunday morning as we came back from walking the dogs we noticed up in the top field, one of the Scotties with twin lambs. We brought them all down into the barn. These are two beefy little tup lambs. Not much else happened for the rest of the day and Monday was pretty quiet too. Tim decided to have an early night and when I did the 11.30 "lamb check" another of the Scotties had given birth out in the race. Thankfully it was a warm night, but all the same she was put in the barn and penned up so that we knew that both of them were safe. Tim had got up to help me move them into the barn. We finally got to bed at 1.30am.
When Tim did the 5am "lamb check" he found Yellow neck just starting to give birth and as she was laid the wrong way round, for him to help pull the lamb out, I too had to get up and hurriedly get dressed to help him. Thankfully in the 10 minutes it took me to get dressed and out to the barn, she'd turned round and Tim was able to pull out a BIG tup lamb.
A quick check of the ewes out in the race where Hepsi was showing all the signs of early labour, and because the weather was not good, we moved her into the barn, where she made fools of not only us, but her owner Jayne as well.
Hepsi gave birth to a tup lamb around 9am, then nothing, she started to cleanse and we all thought that was it. We must have been in the barn for nearly an hour before deciding to go in and get a cup of tea, with Jayne going home. Tim shut the yard gate and thought he would have a quick check on everyone, to find that Hepsi had given birth to a 2nd tup lamb.
All the lambs are strong and well and apart from Carmen are giving birth more or less to time. Carmen should have given birth on the 10th, but she could go as late as the 14th!!!!!


Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

We're still waiting for ours to start!!

Freyalyn said...

You have been busy!