Wednesday 30 January 2013

The promised photos

At long last blogger have enabled me to uplaod photos, so here are the ones of the lounge.
This was the colour of the walls under the rather load wallpaper, not quite sure which was worst. The "70's" stone fireplace is fake.
This is the colour of the room now, and though the fireplace doesn't look too bad, it's days are numbered.

And there it was, gone!

I can't believe how quickly the snow has melted, it had all gone within 24 - 48 hours. Not that the paltry 4" of snow we had here has really caused us any trouble, especially when we are used to a good foot of snow when we lived up on the moors. The only problem the snow caused me was that last weekend it was supposed to be the Teeswater Sheep Breeder's Annual Dinner at Hawes, but with 3 nights of amber warnings of snow, it was decided to postpone the dinner for a couple of weeks. So I had the "lovely" task of ringing round all who were going to the dinner and letting them know the dinner was postponed and what the new date would be. No one was at all surprised by the decision and hopefully everyone will be able to make the new date.
Whilst we've been "snowed in" we've done a bit more decorating. This time in the biggest of the bedrooms at the front of the house, it's been given a coat of paint and we've had a couple of companies come and give us a quote for fitted sliding wardrobes. Tim could do it himself (with the help of me), but the ceilings are so high that B&Q do not do doors that tall, only to special order, and having now got the quotes in, they are no cheaper than getting a firm in to do the work for us. So this weekend we will pay the deposit and book a date for the fitters to come and do the work. We will have work out what we have done first, the central heating or the wardrobes, not both at the same time, I don't think Holly would be able to cope with 2 sets of workmen to watch/monitor!!!!!

Monday 21 January 2013

Changes to the lounge...

For the last couple of weeks I've been busy re-painting the lounge, it's just a freshen up as such, as I can't really do too much until the plumber has been and replaced the whole central heating system, and thankfully with all the snow we've had, he's not booked to come until the beginning of March.
I was hoping to upload some photos of the lounge, before and after it's been painted, but blogger is not letting me do so.
The lounge has gone from, what a friend calls, a "french tart's boudoir" red to the much quieter colour of magnolia. It has made the lounge much brighter and now that I've cleaned the carpet, smells a lot cleaner too. The only trouble now is that this room has been redecorated, the rest of the house looks really drab. Looks like the next room  to be painted is the bedroom at the front, it's the biggest of the bedrooms and after a bit more work will become our bedroom.