Sunday 18 December 2011

Wind, Snow and the final market

We started the week off with the high winds that had been battering the rest of the country. Thankfully, to date, we have not found any damage, despite having gust of wind at around 30mph. We had already moved the sheep so that they now have full access to the barn, so feeding them is an easy task, but at the moment as they are spending time out in the field, so the weather can't be too bad, and considering that this time last year we had lost the barn roof and the snow was a good foot or so deep we really can't complain about the weather at the moment.
Saturday was my final market of the year at Botton Village and as I was driving over the moors to get to Botton it started to snow. Not a good sign as this market is out in the open I was not sure what to expect, but when I arrived they had arranged for the stalls to be undercover. I and another stall holder, Sue, were in the bus shelter. We had a quiet day, thanks in the main to the weather, which we all expected. But when you have made a commitment to attending a market I feel obliged to attend, despite the weather as you never know who will attend and what sales you will make.
The market at Botton Village was an experiment, on their part, for a year to see how it would go and as it has gone, in the main very well, so they are continuing them next year, starting in January, and not in March as other markets do. So where I thought I had a couple of months off to stock take and catch up on the knitting of hats, scarfs and head bands etc, that isn't going to happen. So the knitting needles will not be put given a rest over Christmas, they will be in action at every opportunity.
As next Sunday is Christmas Day I won't be blogging, so all that is left is to wish you all a Happy Christmas.

Sunday 11 December 2011

Saltburn Christmas Market

Not a brilliant shot of my stall, but you get the general idea of the colours of my hand dyed wool, and if you look carefully you can see the Christmas lights between mine and Jill's stall.
Despite the bad weather earlier in the week, thankfully the weather stayed dry and calm, if a little cold. But what do you expect for December.
Like last month, this market was another good one for me and the other fellow stallholders. Lorna, who organises the market, does a really good job at advertising the market and is very particular about the stallholders she invites, so as a result the market is well attended every month.
All the stallholders were very "christmassy" wearing Santa hats and dressing our stalls with Christmas decorations. I also had some mistletoe to sell, which simple flew off the stall. Pauline, a fellow stallholder had made 10 lovely holly wreaths, which by lunch time she had only 1 left.
So that is the last of Saltburn's markets for this year until March next, and next week is my last market for the year at Botton. Let's hope the weather next week is as kind to us all again.

Wednesday 7 December 2011

The latest markets

At the weekend I was at two markets. On Saturday I was at the Brunswick Centre in Whitby, which was cold and very dull and I sold nothing. Which is most unusual for me. There was also no interest in my wool, again most unusual, so I doubt if I will be visiting this market again.
Then on Sunday I was at a local Christmas Fair at Lythe, the next village to us. It was a different affair, people were interested in my wool and I had some sales, which was a lot better than the day before.
On Saturday I'm at my usual market at Saltburn which should be good fun.