Monday 18 June 2012

We're in!!

Well we're in our new home and a lot of boxes have been unpacked over the weekend. The garden has been investigated by the dogs and so has the house.
Holly does not travel well and with the stress of the house move I got a "stress" collar from the vet, which I can highly recommend, she has gone through the move better than any of us.
I'm so glad we decided to get a professional moving company in to move us, the people who were moving out of here used a local, cheap removal firm and when I saw their belongings being "thrown" on to the van, I couldn't believe it. Thankfully all the frantic packing into boxes paid off as it made moving our things so much easier.
Now just to relax for a couple of day before Woolfest

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Frantic packing

The removal men arrive on Thursday to start loading our numerous boxes into one of their vans, and then back again on Friday to load the final batch of boxes and then take them to our new home and as of tonight we have only 2 rooms left to pack, the kitchen and the office, and of course load the trailer with all my wool and fibre for Woolfest which is a week after we move, followed by Fibre East 3 weeks later, so life is going to be very hectic for the next month or so.
Hopefully I won't be off line for long whilst we move and I should be able to blog about how Woolfest has gone, just pray for some dry weather, not bothered if it's warm, just dry!

Sunday 3 June 2012

The Farm Equipment Sale - An End of an Era

Saturday was our farm equipment sale and Tim had spent ages getting everything ready and placing them out in the field.
Here they are out in the field starting with the cheapest items first, through to the most expensive.
The sheep were also penned up into lots ready for selling. Here are Frea, Missy, Allium, Ariadnne, Abi & Anya with their lambs. Missy & Frea were sold as separate families, Allium, Ariadnne and their lambs as one lot and then Anya, Abi and their lambs as another lot.
The Scotties were also sold in three lots with their lambs. The final pen held the 3 Scotties and their lambs who were classed as "broken mouthed".
There were also lots that were called "by permission". These are lots that other people want to sell and they contact the Auctioneers we were using to let them know what they wanted to sell. So by the end of Friday and early Saturday morning, our back field had a selection of cattle trailers, a small baler, gates, wood, post knocker and other sundry items.

This is the start of the Auction, in front of our garage and barn with the sale of small tools and implements.
Here is the auctioneer selling our sheep troughs, and another important thing that is required to make an auction run smoothly is....
a canteen, and the lady running this one, runs the one at the Auction Mart in Ruswarp, and was very popular, especially the bacon and sausage butties.
The sale was very successful from our point of view and most of the items were picked up on Saturday with the rest being collected today. We've still got Abbi, Anya and Missy, plus lambs, here but they will be going to their new home on Tuesday. My cockerels and 2 Maran hens also went to their new homes over the weekend so it is very quiet here, so much so that this morning we slept in as there was no Cornflakes the cockerel to wake us up!
Tomorrow I start packing for Woolfest, followed by the house. I've already packed up 2 of the bedrooms and I can see us running out of boxes pretty soon so another trip to the removal firm will be needed next week.