Monday 5 April 2010

The Hobbits arrive

The Hobbits arrived on Sunday afternoon with their usual array of paraphernalia which seems to explode to three times it's size once in the house!!!
As it was Easter Sunday the Hobbits decided they wanted to roll some eggs down one of the slopes in our fields, but first they wanted to decorate them.
Here are their artistic efforts
These are the eldest Hobbit's decorated eggs
and these are the youngest Hobbit's eggs

The both had a great time throwing their eggs down the slope in the back field. It's amazing how robust hard boiled eggs are. It was only when the eldest Hobbit's egg hit a fence post did it explode into several pieces!!! Deefa had a great time running backwards and forwards with the Hobbits as they ran to retrieve their eggs. We all had a great time laughing at the Hobbit's attempts to smash their eggs.

1 comment:

Alison said...

My most memorable egg-rolling: We all went up Roseberry Topping and rolled our eggs down.

Except a large black labrador (not ours!) caught mine and ate it!! :O I was most indignant.