Sunday 28 August 2011

That Autumnal feel...

There certainly is a feel of autumn in the air and after 22mm+ of rain on Friday, and Saturday being not much better I was hoping that today I could spend some much needed time in the veg garden. But with the wind blowing at around 20mph, that put paid to that idea.

I decided to catch up on some in door jobs and something that has been "haunting" my sewing machine for a few months now are some small bags made out of curtain material to hold your latest knitting project etc, to make.

Here are the finished bags, both of which are lined I had enough left over curtain material to make 4 of these bags
I found this material in the bottom of a drawer, of which there was enough material to make 2 bags. I originally cut out 3 bags, but I ran out of the curtain liner I was using to line the bags, so the second and slightly larger bag has the same frog material inside and out.

The bags measure approx. 11" x 12" and I've squared off the bottom slightly so that they look better.

Will be posting them for sale on Folksy tonight. Let's hope they sell quicker than I took to make them.

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Digging up Potatoes

After helping sort out the sheep yesterday, today the Hobbits helped me dig up the remaining potatoes in one of the deep beds and as you can see it produced a good crop of quite large spuds. Now just need to find somewhere to store them.

Sunday 21 August 2011

Sucessful day at the Mart, and the Hobbits

On Wednesday we took our ewe lambs to the store's sale at our local mart. They made a good price, averaging out at £48.00 each. Needless to say we were not disappointed. Let's hope we do as well when we send the next batch in a couple of weeks time.
The Hobbits arrived today and one of the jobs they will be helping us with tomorrow, will be the weighing and sorting of the the weather lambs into stores and fats. I can see lots of running around tomorrow, for 2 middle sized boys.

Sunday 14 August 2011

Wool Dyeing

As the weather has not been too good this last week or so, I've been busy dyeing up the 2kilos of Bluefaced Leciester/Bamboo sock yarn in readiness for Saltburn Farmer's Market in September. I've also taken the opportunity to upload them onto my Folksy shop site
Have a look and see what you think.

Sunday 7 August 2011

Autumn Sheep Sales

It may only be the beginning of August, but already the dates are out for the forthcoming autumn sheep sales and with us selling our smallholding we need to keep an eye on the forthcoming sales to ensure that we don't miss the right market to sell our sheep. To that end our gimmer lambs are to be booked into the store lamb sale that takes place a week on Wednesday.
We plan to sell our of our lambs through the store lamb sales, and the shearling lambs through the breed sales, all which happen over the next couple of months. The ewes will be the last to be sold, we intend to keep them for as long as possible so that they can help keep the grass down.
We have someone coming to buy 3 of my Maran hens on Monday night, I've decided just to keep my Cream Legbar hens, but sell the Maran hens and I will have to sell "Cornflakes" my Cream Legbar Cockerel, and on Tuesday morning someone is coming to look at buying Gus my Teeswater Tup, and once Gus is gone Ghilli and Grommet will move over to Jayne's. Once they have moved it will seem very strange without them here.

Monday 1 August 2011

Wedding of the year

Not the latest Royal wedding, but the one of our God Daughter, Abi, to Andy, on Saturday in York. The day was lovely, the sun shone and the bride looked beautiful.
Here are some photos of the couple's happy day.

The happy couple

The Bridesmaids

The Groom (on the left) with his best man

The Chief Bridesmaid's flowers

The Bride's bouquet

Confetti time at the Litch Gate

The back of Abi's dress

Abi with Tim at the reception.