Tuesday 27 February 2007

Hello & Welcome

As this is my first post I thought I would give some background on our smallholding

We, that's Denise & Tim, live on an 8 1/2 acres smallholding on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. We bought this property 3 1/2 years ago and since then have been renovating the house and land after 30 years of neglect.

To date we have 29 sheep, a mix of shetlands and shetland x corridales, 6 alpacas, 2 dogs (Holly & Deefa) and 2 cats (Grayling and Robocat).

Lambing starts on the 1st April for 3 weeks, hopefully the weather will have warmed up by then, and the rain will have stopped, otherwise the lambs will need flippers and aqua lungs we have had so much rain. Being on heavy clay, despite the ditches, the water is very slow to drain away. Thankfully the ewes can get into the barn to stay dry during the worst of the weather and they will be penned a couple of days before they have their lambs.

That's all for today.