Sunday 21 June 2009

Only 4 more sleeps to Woolfest...

and I'm past panicking, not!!!! This weekend I got the Alpaca felt labeled and packed away as well as the jumpers, hats, gloves and scarves.
But on Friday my doctor rang up to say he had 3 Teeswater fleeces for me, which he duly delivered at lunch time leaving Tim having to carry 3 very heavy fleeces up into the fleece store. Today as the weather was fine and sunny, ideal to look and sort out the fleeces, which on the whole were not too bad, but did need some serious dagging out. I also looked as the 2 Jacob fleeces I'd been given, they needed no work at all and I'm looking forward to spinning these 2. The second half of the Texal fleece I washed last week, got washed and dried today. I've already started to put this fleece through my carder in readiness for the Tour de Fleece start on the 5th July.
In the allotment garden Tim and the Resident Vandal got the fence posts in, ready to put the fence up. A short stretch of wire has been put up along with the gate, so it won't be long before the rest of the allotment is finally fenced. Today I planted out the leek plants all 120 of them, the french beans I re-sowed are starting to come through, the sweetcorn is growing strongly and I've realised that the first lot of sprout plants that I planted out could possible be planted too close together. I may have to thin them out, seems a shame, but if I don't, we may not many sprouts.
Tomorrow is a Wool Fair at Goathland, and the Teeswater's Society 60th Anniversary. Should be a good day and it will be good to relax and meet up the friends.
This coming week up to Thursday, will see me dashing around, madly packing all the sundry bits and pieces I think I will need besides the fleece, like pens, stock list, hole punch, blu tac, sellotape, string, money, signs, camera, cloths to cover the sales tables, chair, spinning wheel, the list is endless...........

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Freyalyn said...

This is not helpful, reminding me how little time is left. I have decided that what I've done now is all I'm doing. No more. I give up. If it's not done it's not being done.

See you Thursday.