Sunday 14 June 2009

A lovely weekend

What a lovely weekend we've had. The forecast had been for rain on Saturday, but none arrived until now, Sunday evening and then only a light shower.
Tim managed to get a short run of wire fitted this week. I now means that the sheep can graze in an area near the large barn, once some hurdles are put across the gap between the lambing barn and this barn, we don't want them in this area all the time, but they might as well eat the grass down. Now the sheep can't get into the back of the main barn we can move the hurdles near and near to the house to graze the grass along the paddock and barn sides. Normally we try and run the topper over this area, but thought we would let the sheep graze it for a change.
On Saturday I had an urgent mole gassing job to do. I'd been out gassing on this farm in April, but because the grass was so long it was difficult to see the runs etc, so now that the farmer has taken his first cut of silage, any new mole activity can be quickly seen. It was a lovely 3 hour walk around the fields looking out to the sea.
To day I've been busy in the veg garden, it was in serious need of a good weed. It also gave me the opportunity to thin out the very young parsnip and beetroot plants. The winter onions have grown into quite big bulbs and it won't be long before I will be picking them. Holly and Deefa "helped" me with the weeding by sleeping in the grass and watching my every move. Holly has managed to find something very aromatic to roll in!!!!!! Showers required for both dogs!!!!

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