Tuesday 20 March 2012

Just when you are not looking.....

Today we've been concentrating on Abi, who we brought in last night as we were not happy with her and sure enough this morning she had started to prolapse. Thankfully not too badly and Pete (our friendly farmer) has fitted her with a "spoon" to hold everything in place. Abi's due Thurs/Fri so not long for her to go.
But as we have spent the day checking on her and not really looking at the sheep out in the field, well no one is due for a couple of days. It was only when we went to do the evening feed and round everyone up that I noticed we had 2 Scotties with twin lambs!!!! Scottie 712 had, had her lambs this afternoon out in the field. They were both lovely and dry but we have brought them down into the barn for tonight so that in the morning we can mark them and put rings on their tails.

Scottie 712's Gimmer (ewe) lamb

Scottie 712's Tup lamb

If the weather is fine, and once we're sure that they are not bothered by the rings on their tails, they will all go back out into the field with all the other sheep. Sunshine, fresh air and grass does the new lambs a world of good.

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Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

They do like like to take you by surprise don't they!