Friday 30 March 2012

2 sets of twins

Two sets of twins were born in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Scottie No3 with her Gimmer and Tup lamb

Anya with her Gimmer and Tup lamb

Both mums and lambs are doing well and this morning Tim let them out of their pens to join the rest of the ewes with their lambs out in the field and the sunshine. Only Ariadnne left to lamb. She is due on Monday, but tonight we have penned her up just in case.
We had to call the vet to the gimmer lamb born to Scottie No5 as she has a limp. We've given her a shot of antibiotics, but the limp has got worse. The vet has diagnosed mild joint ill, which needs a much stronger antibiotic than we have. We will have to keep this lamb and her mum in the barn for the next few days to see if she is improving and to give her, her daily injection.

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