Sunday, 30 January 2011

Moving Sheep

As 2 of the Teeswater ewes are about 4 weeks away from lambing, we need to start and monitor how they are doing and to give them more concentrate, so they have been moved into the small paddock at the side of the lambing barn. There was a touching moment when they met up with Ghilli and Grommet, each sniffing each other, as the alpaca's have not seen such big sheep and the ewes have not been this close to the alpacas. We also wormed, hepotvaced and check the ewes feet. Now they are ready for lambing. We will move them into the lambing barn in a couple of weeks, or sooner if the weather turns nasty, and it could as Pete (a local sheep farmer) starts lambing on the 4th Feb, and it always snows when he lambs!!!!
We also heptovaced the Scottie and Teeswater gimmer (ewe) lambs as well as Cecil and Archie. The rest of the ewes and gimmers will be wormed and hepotvaced towards the end of February.
Whilst we were getting the hurdles sorted to deal with the gimmer lambs, I trapped the end of the little finger on my left hand. I have a spectacular bruise, it goes all the way round the top of my little finger, from the top knuckle. Tim says it's not enough to get me out of lambing!!!!!!

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