Sunday, 2 January 2011

Now the clean up begins......

Up until this morning, the snow and ice had virtually disappeared, but we've had more snow today. But thankfully, over the last couple of days Tim has been able to make a start on removing some of the metal sheets that were once the barn roof.
The insurance loss adjuster came to see us on Wednesday, so now we can at least move on with the barn. We've started to look for companies that build steel barns and think about how much, or how little we want them to do. So far we're going to ask for companies to quote for (a) to supply barn only, (b)to supply and build, and (c) to erect barn only. It's going to a busy January ringing round.
It looks like some of our hedges have succumb to the weight of the snow, and yesterday I spent some part of the afternoon with loppers, cutting out the broken branches I could see. I'm sure more will appear over the coming months when we notice that there are no new buds appearing.
The animals are coping really well with the weather, the gimmers bouncing around and the ewes are starting to look slightly "round", especially the 2 Teeswaters that are due at the end of February.

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