Sunday, 23 January 2011

Lambing due dates...

From Debbie's comment to one of my blogs, I've realised that I've not published all of the lambing dates so here they are....
28th Feb - Fudge - Teeswater Ewe
1st March - Florance - Teeswater Ewe
Then a bit of a break until....
23rd March - Frea
24th March - Scottish Black Faced
25th March - Fenella - Teeswater Ewe
26th March - Allium - the wild one
27th March - Missy
30th March - Carmen
Then all hell breaks loose!
31st March - 3 Scotties, Abbi, Anya, Carolyn, Cicely & Cully
1st April - 1 Scottie, Yellow Neck
2nd April - 1 Scottie, Emma
3rd April - 1 Scottie, Beatrix
4th April - 1 Scottie, Berniece
7th April - Flora - Teeswater Ewe
10th April - Ariadnne

26 ewes and we would hope for 150% lambing ratio which should give us 39 lambs, so any more than that is a success, any less, disappointing, but the ewes have been through a tough winter, so 26 healthy and strong lambs is all we can seriously wish for.
As always I will post pictures of the lambs and my friend and fellow smallholder, Jayne has said that she will make sure she is free on the 31st March and I'm going to book a couple of day holidays.
Now just need to check the lambing supplies, order the homeopathic pre lambing medications to put into the ewes drinking water, relax and not start to panic!!!!!!!

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Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

How organised, looking forward to the photo's. You'll be almost finished by the time my three lamb (assuming they are pregnant)!