Sunday, 23 January 2011

Working on the barn

As the weather has been mild and still, Tim has been able to get the roof sheets down and into the trailer, and on Wednesday we took them to the scrap merchant to weigh them in.
You can see the roof, to the right, that is still down, this is holding the back wall up.
You can also see the red trailer, in the gateway to what was the pet lamb area. The trailer is parked there so that we can load the straw bedding into it. This trailer was under the fallen roof and the only damage to it is a slight dent in the top of one of the sides, and this could happen just dropping something into the trailer.
Tim has also started to remove the rubble. We've been keeping this rubble since we had work done on our house, it was to be used, when we had sufficient money to build new walls to the barn, as part of the footings. Now it will be used when the new barn is erected.
I've started getting quotes for the new barn. We're going to get a kit barn, and get a local builder to erect it and put the roof on. No doubt I will have heart failure at the price!

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