Sunday, 6 February 2011

The North Wind doth blow......

Well, the wind came from the west actually and as we live in a dip, the wind fairly whips through our farm. It was so bad on Friday that a lorry was blown over on the Moor Road just past the turn off into our village. Thankfully there was doctor passing when the lorry went over and was able to make sure that the poor unconscious driver was O.K.
The barn has stood up to the wind reasonable well, despite part of it not having a roof, part of the wall has come down, but Tim could do nothing with it until the wind had at least subsided some what.
Thankfully the only other damage we have sustained is a roof tile and ridge tile blown out of place, but on Saturday morning I had arranged for a roofer to come and give us a quote, for the insurance company, to replace the guttering and re point some of the ridge tiles due to the snow, so he was able to add this damage to his quote.
This last lot of wind started to blow on Wednesday whilst we were trying to replace some broken fence posts. It was blowing so hard that it completely saps your strength and on Thursday and Friday night was so loud we got very little sleep. My poor cockerel hardly dare move from the shelter of the hen hut as the wind blew his feathers inside out and knocked him off his feet. Very undignified and he was not impressed. The sheep took refuge in the barn.
The rest of the week is supposed to be calmer and a little bit wet, but as usual we will see what the weather throws at us.

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