Monday, 17 January 2011

Clearing away the fallen barn roof

Tim has spent quite a bit of this week taking down the corrugated sheets, that were once the barn roof, off the broken wood roof trusses. He's putting the sheets that are mangled and twisted into the trailer so that he can take them to the scrap metal merchants. There are one or two sheets that are worth saving, but where to put them is going to be another headache!
We thought that one of the reasons why the roof collapsed under the weight of the snow, was that the roof trusses and perlins were rotten. But as Tim is cutting them up to put them into the trailer he's finding that the wood is not rotten at all, it's just shattered under the weight of the snow!
Some part of the collapsed roof Tim is leaving in place at the moment, as it's supporting part of the back wall, and it's not causing us any problems at the moment. The thing that is, and does stop Tim taking the roof down are the high winds that have a tendency to blow around here quite a lot!!!!

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