Saturday, 30 October 2010

Silence of the Hobbits!!!!

The Hobbits went home on Thursday afternoon and the house is back to it's normal quiet self (except when Holly barks at the Postman).
Whilst they were here, we made Lemon curd and meringues, played Sorry, helped feed the chickens and picked up the potatoes the chickens had scratched up, checked on the sheep to see if any of the 3 tups had covered any of the ewes, and they had, weighed the "fatties", spraying their heads different colours depending on what weight they were, and spent a very productive afternoon dying wool

This is the suri alpaca/merino wool they dyed for me

followed by some Blue Faced Leicester sock wool

They came to my knitting group on the Tuesday night and we took the wool they had dyed to show my fellow knitters and much to the delight of the Hobbits we sold 3 hanks of wool!!
Now all I have to do is label the wool and I'm ready for the farmers market in a couple of weeks time.

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