Monday, 25 October 2010

North Eastern Textile Event

Sunday was the 2nd year a friend and I ran the North Eastern Textile Open Day, and despite the snow, hail, rain and wind. It was very well attended. It was great to see old and new customers as well as some spinners who'd kindly brought their wheels to sit and spin in the middle of the hall. The day seemed to fly by I was so busy. Sold out of my dyed sock yarn, so I will have to get dyeing again pretty soon.
We will be running the event again next year, we've had request from 4 or 5 more craft workers wanting to take a stall, so that's encouraging. We're trying to ensure that we don't duplicate stalls, so that the visitors can view a variety of crafts.
So look out for our leaflets advertising the 3rd North Eastern Textiles Open Day, at the markets and fairs we will be attending next year.

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