Monday, 25 October 2010

The Hobbits have arrived!!!!!!

The Hobbits arrived this afternoon. They should have come yesterday, but as I was at the North Eastern Textile Open Day, sis brought them across this afternoon. Well not quite!!!!
We got a phone call half way through the afternoon, to say that their car had broken down in Pickering. So we went across to pick up the Hobbits, meeting in a car park in Pickering. Thankfully what every problem there was with the car had been sorted out and it got Sis and mum home with no more problems.
We've already had to play a game of "Sorry", a favourite of the youngest hobbit. Eldest hobbit wants to do some cooking, they both want to do some fibre dyeing and they quite like the idea of coming to my knitting group meeting tomorrow!
Before we know it, it will be Thursday and they will be going home.......

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