Friday, 15 October 2010

Poorly sheep

Checking the sheep yesterday afternoon, just before I went to the Teeswater Sheep Breeders Association's council meeting. Amy and Amber were stood by the gate and their eyes were watering and half closed.
So we got them into the barn and then walked round the gimmers to find that Brazil was nearly blind, her eyes were cloudy. We got her into the barn and then decided to get the rest of the gimmer flock near to the barn to check them all out in the morning.
As this group had been isolated for some time, we made sure that rest of the sheep couldn't have any contact with them.
This morning the vet arrived and poor Amy, Amber and Brazil had to have injections into their cornea's. Have you ever tried to hold a nearly blind sheep's head still whilst a vet injects their eyes!!!!!!!
With the vet we had a quick look at the gimmers and one or two were showing signs of weepy eyes, so once the vet had left Tim and I treated any of the gimmers whose eyes were weeping with a medicated eye lotion from the vet, marked their heads with a coloured mark, so we know who we've treated and brought them all into the barn.
Once the infection is cleared up, all water and feed troughs and lick buckets used by this group will be disinfected just to make sure no other sheep are infected. This eye infection can spread through our flock really quickly if we are not careful.

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Jenny Holden said...

Poor sheepies! A few of mine got pink eye earlier this year but it cleared up easily with cream from the vet. Hope you don't get too many cases.