Sunday, 10 October 2010

Leyburn Show & Sale

After an early start, I arrived at the mart around 8am to find that there was some disarray. During the night some drunken lads had released some pens of sheep. Which meant that when I arrived the mart staff were still cleaning up the mess. It didn't delay anything for very long, just meant that the vendors that arrived not long after me had to wait a little while for all the pens to be cleaned, again!
Overall I had a good day, met a lot of the Teeswater members, who are really friendly and a great help, especially when I was trying to find vendors to give them their labels for their sheep.
Did we get a Tup! Yes we did....
This is Augustus, Gus for short, he was born this year, from a very good breeder, who is retiring from keeping Teeswaters
Once we had bought Gus, it meant that we couldn't buy quite a lot of females that were for sale, as they could possible be related to him. But we did manage to find 2 ewes that were not related to Gus.

Here are Fenella (at the front) and Flora (by the water trough). The are both Gimmers Shearlings (ewes born last year). We wished we had taken the big trailer as the Gimmer Shearlings were not as expensive as we'd imagined, we could have got another 2 or 3 sheep in the trailer, but it would have been a bit of a squeeze. So we decided to stick with what we'd got.
Gus is very friendly as he's been shown this year. I'm hoping to learn how to halter train him so that when he gets older and bigger, he will be easy to move.

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