Sunday, 17 October 2010

Busy wood chopping...

A quick update on the poorly group of sheep, the gimmer's eyes have cleared up and so are out on the grass near the barn, but still in isolation. Amber, Brazil and Amy are still quite poorly. Brazil is quite blind, Amber is in one eye, though Amy's eyes have improved. We gave all three another dose of eye medication, so hopefully this will help.
As the weather has been fine this weekend, we decided to chop some of the wood in the woodpile and get it onto the barn. Three trailer loads later this is what the woodpile looks like now.
This is Nasher with a full load in her bucket
This is the final load in the trailer, it took 2 1/2 hours to fill and an hour to unload and put into the barn
We recon we've got the same amount of wood to cut and store in the barn. It will seem strange not having any wood stored in the yard. But that won't last for long as we will be starting hedge laying again very shortly.
Now just got to split all that cut wood........

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