Saturday, 30 October 2010

New arrivals

On Thursday afternoon we went to pick up our 2 new Teeswater Ewes, that had been with the breeder until they had been covered by his tup, and then we had a 3 week wait to ensure they didn't come back over again.

Here they are this morning, at their feed bucket. We've named them Fudge and Florence. It's Fudge who is looking at the camera.
Checking their pedigrees I have discovered that all of our 4 Teeswater ewes are related! Also the tup that the breeder used on Fudge and Florence, is Fenella and Flora's sire!! Thankfully Gus our Teeswater Tup is from very different blood lines.
When we went to choose our 2 new "girls", the breeder had 4 ewes for sale and my friend Jayne decided she wanted to buy 2 Teeswater ewes as well, and as all 4 "girls" looked good, trying to decide who would have which 2 could have been problematic, but looking at their pedigrees, it worked out that there were 2 sets of half sisters, so I wrote the 2 sets of numbers on 2 pieces of paper, folded them up and asked Jayne to pick one. So that's how we decided who got which 2 ewes. Trouble is with all of my "girls" being related, we were hoping to breed a tup of our own to use on Gus' daughters, but for now that's a problem to deal with in a couple of years time.

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Freyalyn said...

You'll be overrun with thousands of sheep soon!