Sunday, 26 October 2008

Magazine feature and fibre sales

Last week I got an email from Simply Knitting magazine to say that they had read my blog and that it is to be featured in their next edition. Looking on their web site, it's very nice to see what they have written and if you are reading this because of the feature in this mag, "welcome", and I hope you find my "random jottings" interesting, informative and a little bit amusing.
Chris who has bought fleece from me as well as helped at shearing time, rang to ask if I had any fibre she could take, for me, to her monthly guild meeting. So on Saturday afternoon, we were both "rooting" through my processed fibre for her to take. I didn't want to over load her, but at the same time not send enough. I packed her off with some batts of Corridale fleece and alpaca rovings. She rang earlier this evening to say that she'd sold 10 batts of corridale and a couple bags of alpaca. I'm very pleased with that and I will be sending some more fibre, with Chris, to their December meeting.

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