Sunday, 2 November 2008

Our first snow!!!!!!!

On Tuesday we had our first snow of the year, we only had about an inch, but it stayed around for a couple of days, making everything very wet.
Between the showers of snow and rain, Tim has been able to re-wire the outside lights. He's put a new light on the barn, so that it lights up more of the yard as well as an additional sensor, so that when you walk from the barns into the yard, the lights come on. He's reduced the wattage of the bulbs used so that overall we use no more wattage than before, the light is spread about more and the glare from the spot lights is reduced, you're not blinded by the lights and then can't see anything in the darker areas of the yard. Now there are now no dark areas in the yard. Tim has also set the sensors, so that the cats don't set the lights off every 5 minutes.
As well as snow this week it's also thunder and lightened during the night. The only way I know it was thundering, is that Deefa woke me up, for some reason he and Holly are afraid of the thunder.
If this is the weather we are getting at the end of October, what are we going to get for the rest of the winter!!!!! We can cope with the cold and it freezing, but what we both hate is the wet, the animals end up caked in mud, it saps their energy and makes their feet soft and vulnerable to rot, even their shelters are damp and that can cause breathing problems. So lets hope we have a cold dry winter...

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