Sunday, 19 October 2008

A busy week for Tim, a not such good one for me

After a great weekend last weekend I woke up on Monday morning with a aching head and face, so after a trip to the Drs, it turns out I've had a sinus infection. A course of antibiotics seems to have cleared things up nicely and it will be back to work on Monday for me.
Tim on the other hand has been very busy. He spent a day shredding all the small branches that are no use for the wood pile, from the tree(s) we had removed a the weekend. The question was, what does he do with all the shreddings?
Simple.... He's built some steps up a steep bank at the side of the house and filled in the steps with the shreddings. This bank leads to a really dead area of land which when we bought the property was described as an "orchard". It was full of conifers, 2 reasonable apple trees and 3 very sick plum trees. We've since cleared out most of the conifers and all of the plum trees, the apple trees do produce some sort of a crop, which we leave for the birds and other wild life to eat as this area had been so difficult to get down to. Now Tim has created these steps, it will make it easier to get down to and then we will be able to start and tackle the nettles and brambles!!!!!
The shed is now completely finished, with hooks to hang all my tools and staging in place to store my pots etc. So yesterday I got all my gardening "stuff" gathered up and put away. I also had a good look at what I've got and had a bit of a clear out of some of my old tools. The shed now looks very tidy, with all my tools hung up, plant pots in place. All I need now is a nice comfy chair, something to brew a cup of tea on and my radio to listen to Test Match special and I'll be well away............

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