Sunday, 26 October 2008

Weekend of Hobbits

We picked the Hobbits up on Friday night rather than they coming home with me on the train as I'd had to go to Birmingham and arrived back into York too late to make the train connections home with 2 tired 6 and 8 year old boys.
But on Saturday they were up and about bright and early. After a quick trip to the butchers, for some stewing steak as the Hobbits had requested "Uncle Tim's special stew" for tea, they helped put hay out for the sheep and Alpacas, and whilst I put out the extra feed for the ewes, checked the animal's water buckets to make sure the everyone had plenty of water.
Youngest Hobbit is doing a treasure hunt with Beevers, so he had a list of things to find (fir cone, red leaf, spiky leaf, twig, small pebble and a feather). We found most things very quickly, apart from the feather and a quick phone call to a friend meant that he had everything.
The afternoon was spent making ginger biscuits, for Uncle Tim and dog biscuits, for Holly & Deefa, and being Hobbits, the dog biscuits had to be tasted!!!! (The biscuits are a mix of tuna, salmon, pilchards, eggs, oats, sunflower seeds and flower, so nothing nasty in them).
The stew, at tea time, was eaten with great gusto, partly down to being out doors and lots of things to do and because it was so tasty.
Sunday morning, after the helping feed and check waters again, they did some "magic dyeing". They enjoy squirting the 3 dyes (red, yellow & blue) onto the wet fleece to see what colours are created, and once "cooked" for 30 mins, turning the fleece out into the sink to be rinsed, it's always interesting to see what colours they have made.
My sister and brother in law (Hobbits parents) arrived for lunch and to take the Hobbits home. The house is very quiet and 2 very tired dogs are snoozing on the sofas, it's hard work having KD here as well as the Hobbits.
Not sure what's happening next week as the clocks went back this weekend and it takes a while to get used to the fact that the dark nights are suddenly here.

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