Sunday, 5 October 2008

Woolfest Preperation

As I said in an earlier blog, Phillippa stayed after my birthday until Tuesday and we spent the time doing fibery things. Phillippa had asked if she could use my motorised carder and had come armed with some fleeces, in fact several fleeces which we started working on, on Sunday afternoon. By Monday lunchtime we had carded 2 1/2 Swaledale fleeces, and as you can see from the photo, we ended up with a large pile of carded batts.
In return Phillippa helped me wash quite a few fleeces, which I'm now in the process of carding and dying in readiness for Woolfest. I know that Woolfest is not for another 8 months, but if I don't make a start preparing fleeces now, it will soon be here and I will have nothing ready.
The great thing about spending time with Phillippa is that we have been able to exchange ideas and ensure that neither of us is competing with the other. I'm not saying that competition is a bad thing, but if by doing something just slightly different, you are not treading on the others toes it does make life a little easier. You will have to come to Woolfest to see what we are both doing.....

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