Sunday, 12 October 2008

An early morning hair appointment and tree removing

Deefa and Holly had a very early trip to the hair dressers (Anne) yesterday. They were originally booked in a couple of days before my birthday, but Anne was ill and so it was rearranged for yesterday. So 6.50am saw me taking both dogs for their 07.00 appointment. I picked them both up at 10.30 looking very neat and tidy and smelling very nice!!!! According to Mrs Hedge Laying Holland Deefa smealt like a poodle!!! Won't do his sheep cred any good.
As I arrived back the Hedge laying Hollands arrive to help up move a tree that had been blown over earlier in the year into the stream at the back of our house.
The lads ended up in the stream, which is not very deep, cutting up the tree, and us girls, on the bank putting the cut up tree in to the trailer. All I can say is that walking up and down a steep bank plays havoc with your knees and thigh muscles. We ended up with a trailer load of wood for our wood pile and for the Hedge laying Hollands several bags of logs of ash for their fire at home.
Whilst working in the stream Tim discovered that his wellingtons were porous, this is his second pair that now leak water. He bought a couple of cheap pairs of wellies, they are fine in dry conditions, but not when it's wet. Not much good here!!!!!!
As always at the end of the day we had a meal at our local pub, the Black Bull. It was as good and as filling as ever

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Resident Vandal said...

Will KD recognise him by smell next Monday, probably not! KD has now stopped doing impressions of a milking stool and is back on all 4 paws, not that being on 3 slowed her down much!