Sunday, 12 October 2008

Shed building day and sweetcorn from the garden

Today when we got up it was still, fine and dry. Still is a rare occurrence here and though we had other things to do, we decided that we should build my shed, it's been treated with wood preservative, but we'd intended to build it next weekend. A quick check on next weekend's weather, rain and high winds, made it an easy decision to build the shed today.
Well we've spent all day building the shed. Tim has had to do some modifications to the roof struts, there were not enough of them, he's screwed the sides together rather than nail them, and as you will have seen in an earlier blog, a very substantial base to fit the shed on.
By the time it got dark, the shed is up and the roof is on, but Tim still has to put the felt on the roof, glaze the windows and fit the doors.
So hopefully next weekend I will be able to finally gather up my gardening tools and put them in one place, the shed.
Whilst we were building the shed, Holly and Deefa were with us and all I can say is that they are both absolutely exhausted as they spent most of the afternoon playing "tig".
Some of the sweetcorn in my veg plot had blown over, so I cooked the cobs for lunch, unfortunately not all of them were fully ripe, so hopefully in another week a few more will be ready to eat. There is nothing like sweetcorn freshly picked and then cooked. That's the only reason to grow it. Now that some of the sweetcorn has been removed, I've been able to dig over the area in readiness to plant the winter onions.
Nothing is planned for next week but no doubt there will be some job or other that will raise it's head over the coming week and become the number one priority. No doubt all be revealed in next 's blog.

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Freyalyn said...

Congratulations on your new shed! At least now I can visualise it in situ.

We had a great time with you the other day, and such a lovely drive out there and back. Thank you so much for inviting us.

Roll on Woolfest....