Sunday, 5 October 2008

A great week but with a disappointing Rare Breed Sale

Since my birthday party I've had a great week, the weather has been fine and I've got a few fleeces washed and carded. Just been out in the sun is a great boost to your well being, as well as walking the dogs every morning, though I'm not sure they would agree as I'm much stricter than Tim is on the way they should behave.
On Friday we took 18 ewes to the Rare Breed Sale at York in readiness for the sale on Saturday. We have decided to sell the Wiltshire Horns as we have found them very difficult to cope with on our land. They soon have "the runs" on fresh or wet grass, which to be honest with the Shetlands, we were not happy with. The way they "poo" is like having cattle on your land and the mess they make of the Shetland's fleeces is an image you do not want to see. It was a very hard drive over as we were driving into a head wind, but at least the girls were settled in. On Saturday we took Charlie the Wiltshire Horn Ram, which meant a very early start, leaving home at 06.30 to make a sale deadline of 09.00!!!
At the sale the Wiltshire's didn't do too badly, but the unregistered Shetland ewe lambs went of 4 or 5 guineas. By the time we had paid the entrance fee, inoculations and fuel to take them there we are our of pocket. This is the last time we will be taking lambs to this sale. We've now taken them to York for the last 3 years and the prices have got worse each year. So we are now seriously looking at getting a meat type tup to put to our girls, so that we can the meat direct, which we are having a lot more success at, especially the sale of mutton. I'll post details as and when we make the decision.
Anyway it's back to work for me tomorrow....................

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