Monday 27 December 2010

Christmas Holiday dyeing

As we're not able to do a great deal outside at the moment I decided to dye some of my BFL sock yarn

Brown, Green and Yellow BFL sock wool - the colours are a bit lighter than shown here

Pinks and Greys - BFL Sock yarn

Rainbow coloured Merino sparkle, but don't know if the sparkle will show in this picture

Multi coloured Merino and bamboo

Yellow and Brown BFL wool

Pink & Purple BFL Wool

Grey, Pink & Yellow BFL Wool
Now just need to try and upload them to my Folksy shop and see what sells!


Anonymous said...

I love the rainbow colours, what's your folksy shop called?

Anonymous said...

Do you send your fleeces away to be washed and carded or do it yourself? If you send them away where do you send them?

Denise said...

Will email you off blog and let you know what I do with my fleeces etc