Sunday 10 October 2010

Tup selection time....

Now we have Gus (see previous post), we now have 4 tups (rams), not by design, it's just happened. We have our resident Tup, Finn, a Texal tup (Tuppyman) that was a pet lamb, and a tup that was supposed to be a Texal, but he has horns, again a pet lamb, but we will not be using him.
So this morning we sat down with pen and paper to decide which of our ewes goes to which Tup.
Gus is to be put with Flora, Fenella and the 10 Scottish Black Face's
Finn is to be put with Carolyn, Carmen, Beatrix, Berneice, Emma and Ciceley
Tuppyman is to be put with Missy, Allium, Ariadnne, Anya and Frea, but he will also be going over to my friend Jayne's at the end of November to meet her 6 girls.
We're going to bring all of our ewes in this week and give them the usual "once over" before putting them in with the Tups. They are all going in earlier than normal as we know we will be lambing late Feb/early March next year as the other 2 Teeswater ewes we have bought, that are still with their owner, have been covered by the breeder's tup. We will be collecting them at the end of this month once the breeder is sure they are well and truely pregnant. So hopefully next year we will be lambing 28 ewes.......

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Freyalyn said...

You are going to be busy, aren't you! But Gus is partifcularly handsom, and I'll look forward to seeing what the resultant Masham fleeces turn out like. Well done.