Monday 30 August 2010

Sheepy update

Last Monday we had 7 lambs ready to go to the fat market. We weighed them at around 41kg, but at the mart they weighed around 39.4kg, so Tim has adjusted our weighing machine down by a couple of kgs. Though the price for the lambs was down on the week previously, we were still very pleased with the price we got for them as we've never had sheep ready for the fat market this early in the year.
We weighed the rest of the fat lambs and though we had only 2 or 3 lambs over the 30kg mark, several more were between 25 - 29 kgs and they should be ready for the fat market around December, just in time for the Christmas market. We've also identified around 8 ewe lambs we want to keep for our future breeding stock, the remaining ewe lambs will go to the store lamb sales at the end of September.
We're hoping to be in a position at the end of the year to have sold all of our surplus lambs so that we are not carrying a lot of sheep through the worst of the winter. We're also going to look at the Breeding ewe sales at the end of September for some more Scottish Blackfaced sheep and sell our few remaining Shetland sheep so that we can have meat (fat) lambs ready for the market around Christmas time, and being the Teeswater Sheep's breed secretary I just might have to get a couple of gimmers at the yearly Teeswater sale in October!

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