Sunday 10 May 2009

A very windy week

Not a lot has happened this week, I'm now back at work full time and so any jobs I need to do get done when I get home on an evening. Tim has managed to feed the sheep a couple of nights this week for me (due to a trip to Birmingham and London), all be it spread the feed along the floor rather than try and scoop it into the feed troughs, but who cares, the sheep have been fed. But it has been very windy here, and at time quite cold the ewes and their lambs have been keeping to the low areas in the paddocks.
Yesterday I had great plans of working in the veg garden, but a nasty migraine put paid to that, thankfully today I feel a whole lot better and we gave Fraya and Finn their second Heptovac injection and a drench of wormer. We also weighed them and over the past 7 weeks they have put on 10 and 11kgs respectively. We also moved last years ram lambs to the Alpaca's summer paddock as it needs eating down before Ghilli and Grommet move in, and as we had to move them past the barn, we took the opportunity to weigh them all. It's 2 months since we last weighed them and most have put on 8kgs with 3 putting on over 10kgs!! They are looking fit and well and so I shall be booking them into the abattoir at the end of this month. With weighing the sheep frequently we should be able to identify if we have another worm problem, as we did last year. But looking at the weights of last year's ram lambs, we should have some good lambs to go through the mart at the back end of this year/early next. Good for the old cash flow.
I did manage to spend some time in the veg garden planting out the dwarf french bean plants. Some of the potatoes are starting to show, so when I next cut the grass, I will cover them with the cuttings, also the beetroot, parsnip and onions are also starting to show. As a downside so are the weeds so I will have to get out their with my hoe.
It's going to be a busy week as I'm due to help out with Dave and Jo's farm club on Wednesday and then I need to get everything ready for Stocksfield on Saturday, as it will be an early start for myself and Phillippa that morning. Will let you all know how it went next week.

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